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Our pick of 5 cool tools to help with your next door installation.

Below are 5 of the most ingenious tools we’ve seen when it comes to door installation. Take a quick look below to see if you could use any of these!

#1. Winbag™ USA

The Winbag is a cool tool that acts as a reusable, inflatable shim. You simply insert it in-between the components you wish to shim and then as Arnold would say, you “Pump it Up!” The Winbag has an impressive shimming range from 3/32″ – 2″ and can lift up to 300lbs. Retailing for around $20, we think this is a must have for any handyman’s tool bag. Learn more at Winbag™ USA

#2. Heavy Duty Vacuum Cups

These are great for getting a grip on heavy door slabs that would otherwise be difficult to handle. Basically a strong suction cup with a handle, these clever cups come in 8″ – 10″ sizes and can lift from 100lbs all the way up to 300lbs securely. Depending on what you want to spend, you can find a good selection of vacuum cups ranging from $40 up to $100 at WGS Online

#3. The Hinge Tweaker™

Over time, heavy doors tend to sag and need some adjusting, this company has come up with a unique solution that almost anyone can tackle. By “tweaking” the hinges back and forth, you can easily adjust them back to their original position. Your commercial doors will thank you and for less than $85 you can get them swinging like brand new! Learn more about this cool tool at the Hinge Tweaker™ website

#4. OEM Door Levels

Designed to be used by door manufacturers, these recyclable levels & spacers attach to the door slab to set the proper spacing between the door and its frame. Made from a spongy material, they act as a shock absorber during transportation of the door and the built-in levels are slick during its installation. For right around $2, door manufactures should be providing these with their higher end units. Learn more at JENTRA™ OEM Door Levels

#5. Trim Gauge™

For those of us who are perfectionists, the Trim Gauge can be a best friend when it comes to getting the perfect reveal on your next trim installation. Designed to set the spacing between the trim and the door frame, for less than $30 you can keep all of your trim jobs spot on. Get yours at the Trim Guage™ website

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JENTRA door levels

One thing has stood out clearly to us in our combined 15 years of experience in both the sales and installation of residential/commercial doors…. the lack of accurate door installation happening in the field. This installation process has been virtually the same since pre-hanging started in the 1960’s and yet it’s not uncommon to find a poorly installed door on most jobsites. It’s time to take a new look at this.

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CHEATAH door level

CHEATAH door level

The CHEATAH™ door level kit makes installing a door simple and quick. Attach the CHEATAH directly to the top and sides of the door. The four precise levels work together to allow easy, accurate positioning of the door. Once level, the built-in shim guides let you correctly shim the jamb. The CHEATAH works on all types of doors with perfect results each time. Our door level kit is extremely durable and carries our 100 Guarantee™. Save time and money installing doors right the first time, every time. The JENTRA CHEATAH door level puts advanced speed and precision capability into the hands of all skill levels during installation, from DIYers to skilled artisans. This results in improved installation and function of doors, resulting in fewer warranty callbacks. Therefore, stakeholders of the door level include all steps in the industry: door manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and building owners.

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