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We’ve been involved in both sales and installation of residential/commercial doors for a combined 15 years now at JenTra. Having seen a demand for accurate door installation, the idea of our Cheatah™ door installation tool came from our experience in the field along with a lot of reflection. The installation of doors has been virtually the same since pre-hanging doors started sometime in the 1970’s and it is not uncommon to find poorly installed doors on most job sights, and as anyone in the millwork industry knows, poorly installed doors can cause multiple problems.

Another frustration with the door industry is the skilled labor and length of time it takes to properly install doors. The Cheatah™ door installation tool has been proven to more than cut the installation time in half. As labor cost rise and skilled labor continues to erode in the US, the need for easier and faster installation tools grows. We are confident that the Cheatah™ door installation tool will more than pay for itself by time saved in just one use.

About Us

It’s our goal to provide quality, innovative millwork tools to the people who will use them. We will be here to answer your questions when you have them and here to solve your problems if you need us.

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Some of the top media outlets in the country are talking about us.

  • ProSales

    ProSales Magazine

    One of the largest publications available to the pro construction trade.

    “…reduces installation-related callbacks and warranty claims.“

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  • Builder Magazine

    Builder Magazine

    A top magazine produced by Hanley Wood, targeted directly to builders.

    “An ingenious door-installation tool that will speed and ease the way things are done.“

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  • DIY's

    The DIY Network

    Featured on the popular show – “I Want That”.

    “…never, ever hang a crooked door again. Not with this!“

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  • LBM Journal

    LBM Journal

    The Mid-West’s trusted source for the most up-to-date construction news.

    “…helps to reduce the burdens that can come with door installation.“

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    meet our team

    It starts with the people.

    • Travis Kelley - CEO/Co-Founder

      Travis Kelley - CEO/Co-Founder

      Accomplishments in retail sales management with Scherer Brothers Lumber, J.B. O’ Meara and Marvin Windows.
    • Jennifer Kelley - Product Steward/Co-Founder

      Jennifer Kelley - Product Steward/Co-Founder

      Background in office-management, customer service and the “Jen” in the JenTra.