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Guarantee the Door was Built Correctly

Guarantee the Door was Built Correctly

Our patented, non-mar door shipping/installation method is a guarantee to your customer that every door leaving your shop was built with the proper reveals for optimal energy efficiency.
Protect it During Shipping

Protect it During Shipping

Our tools eliminate the shipping damage that can happen as doors travel to the job-site.
Install it Right the First Time

Install it Right the First Time

The installer saves time by using our door levels. You easily know when the door is installed level/plumb and properly spaced – providing the best user experience.
Stop Throwing Away Doors

Stop Throwing Away Doors

A proper installation keeps perfectly good doors from being returned and thrown away. Hence the reason why doors have a little thing for us.

our parts are engineered with a purpose

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    1. Our patented non-mar tabs allow our levels to gently hug the door during shipping and installation. 2. The built-in level is set “perfectly perpendicular” to the vertical axis of the door, giving a perfect plumb reading every time. 3. With it’s extended SHIMPAD™, our hinge level is built specifically to keep the right “hinge swag” during manufacturing, shipping and installation.

    1. Providing equal pressure from both sides, our non-mar tabs allow the parts to fit snugly onto the door without damaging it. 2. The thicker SHIMPAD™ built into the top level will help you set the perfect head-jamb reveal during installation while also insuring the door was manufactured and shipped correctly spaced in the frame. 3. We took great care to make sure that you get an accurate, level reading of the door without having the frustration of going back and forth that comes with a traditional level.

    1. Our unique jamb bolt features an EZ feed tip that allows the assembly technician to easily mate the both with the plug saving time during manufacturing. 2. Not only does the strike side clip keep everything perfectly spaced during shipping, but it provides the installer with a SHIMPAD™ designed specifically for the strike side reveal between the door and jamb. 3. The friction fit bore plug seats tightly into the edge prep, again allowing the assembly technician to free up a hand and speed up manufacturing.

Performance – Door Installation Evolved™.

are you getting the MOST out of your door installation?

Door Installation Evolved™

The JENTRA door level consists of four individual levels and our patented ShimPads™. The levels mount to one side and the top of the door while the pads create a perfect reveal between the door and the jamb. The installer instantly knows when the door is positioned level and plumb. When positioned, traditional shimming and securing of the jamb assures perfect door installation and function. In fact, our patented level reduces installation time by 67%, eliminating the traditional, painstaking process of leveling and securing and re-leveling and re-securing the door jamb until it is positioned correctly.

don't take our word for it

Some of the top media outlets in the country are talking about us.

  • ProSales

    ProSales Magazine

    One of the largest publications available to the pro construction trade.

    “…reduces installation-related callbacks and warranty claims.“

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  • Builder Magazine

    Builder Magazine

    A top magazine produced by Hanley Wood, targeted directly to builders.

    “An ingenious door-installation tool that will speed and ease the way things are done.“

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  • DIY's

    The DIY Network

    Featured on the popular show – “I Want That”.

    “…never, ever hang a crooked door again. Not with this!“

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  • LBM Journal

    LBM Journal

    The Mid-West’s trusted source for the most up-to-date construction news.

    “…helps to reduce the burdens that can come with door installation.“

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    It starts with the people.

    • Travis Kelley - CEO/Co-Founder

      Travis Kelley - CEO/Co-Founder

      Accomplishments in retail sales management with Scherer Brothers Lumber, J.B. O’ Meara and Marvin Windows.
    • Jennifer Kelley - Product Steward/Co-Founder

      Jennifer Kelley - Product Steward/Co-Founder

      Background in office-management, customer service and the “Jen” in the JenTra.