OEM 1¾” door level


The newest product from the makers of the CHEATAH™ door level, OEM door levels are designed to be easily integrated into the manufacturing workflow and insure pre-hangers that the doors leaving their factory were built to their door manufacturers specific requirements.

We prevent “miss-produced” stock parts from getting into the field such as short head jambs or sills.

Our re-enforced level mounts are designed to keep an accurate reading plus the spacer and level’s thickness is engineered to fit each edge of the door to create the proper reveal between the door and frame. Lastly, our non-mar material is designed to act as a “shock-absorber” during shipping and installation.

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this is door installation evolved™

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our parts are engineered with a purpose

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    1. Our patented non-mar tabs allow our levels to gently hug the door during shipping and installation. 2. The built-in level is set “perfectly perpendicular” to the vertical axis of the door, giving a perfect plumb reading every time. 3. With it’s extended SHIMPAD™, our hinge level is built specifically to keep the right “hinge swag” during manufacturing, shipping and installation.

    1. Providing equal pressure from both sides, our non-mar tabs allow the parts to fit snugly onto the door without damaging it. 2. The thicker SHIMPAD™ built into the top level will help you set the perfect head-jamb reveal during installation while also insuring the door was manufactured and shipped correctly spaced in the frame. 3. We took great care to make sure that you get an accurate, level reading of the door without having the frustration of going back and forth that comes with a traditional level.

    1. Our unique jamb bolt features an EZ feed tip that allows the assembly technician to easily mate the both with the plug saving time during manufacturing. 2. Not only does the strike side clip keep everything perfectly spaced during shipping, but it provides the installer with a SHIMPAD™ designed specifically for the strike side reveal between the door and jamb. 3. The friction fit bore plug seats tightly into the edge prep, again allowing the assembly technician to free up a hand and speed up manufacturing.
100 Guarantee

Our 100 Guarantee™

Your Satisfaction is Important to Us.

Make your purchase with the comfort of knowing that your order is backed by our 100/100/100 guarantee: 100% replacement if you are not 100% satisfied in your first 100 days. Guaranteed. This gives you plenty of time to check your items for accuracy, high-quality, and to try for yourself, family and friends. If for any reason you need to exchange an item, just contact our Customer Service department and you’re done! * JenTra exchanges are subject to proof-of-purchase.
Made in the USA

Made in the U.S.A.

Growing American Production, one tool at a time.

Every tool is 100% guaranteed to be produced and manufactured right here in the good ol’ USA! Quality, Innovative, and Made in the USA — You have our promise. No compromise. When you make your purchase from JENTRA door levels, you are helping more than just yourself! For example: our tools are made and assembled in the USA, the box it shipped in was made in the USA, our website is hosted by a US company, the shipping providers are all from the USA, the people who built our building are US citizens, etc…As you can see, buying one tool or maybe even two that are Made in USA affects many jobs in many different industries. We each can make a difference — keep it Made in USA!

How to Hang a Door with the OEM door level?

Click to view our easy to follow Instructions. The JENTRA door level is extremely simple to use and makes it easy to hang a door. To begin, you click the tool onto the door and get it into position. While utilizing the attached levels, you can fasten the door into place. There will be no problems balancing the door or juggling a large level while trying to keep things square. Every piece of the product assures adequate space around the door. The reveal between the door and jamb will remain perfect and will operate efficiently. Throughout the project, there will never be headaches or worries. It is finally possible to easily hang a door accurately.
Be sure to avoid door installation “troubles” and give our levels a try today. This is door installation evolved™.

Our Pricing

Standard and bulk pricing for our OEM door level system.

100 sets

$3.49 ea.

  • Great for a Trial Run
  • Installation instruction guide
  • Insures 100 doors were properly assembled

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500 sets

$3.15 ea.

  • Save $170!
  • Educates proper installation
  • Protects 500 exterior doors

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2,500 sets

$2.49 ea.

  • Our Best Value!
  • Custom Freight Quotes
  • Guarantees 2,500 doors were built correctly

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 6 in

100 sets, 500 sets, 2,500 sets