Door Levels

Installing a door properly is one of the more challenging home improvement jobs for even the most qualified door technician.

But we believe our unique line of door levels can help!

In case you’re wondering what a door level is? Our patented tools are attached to the door slab to show level and plumb simultaneously for a hands-free installation. The tools also have built-in spacers that create the correct reveal (or spacing) between the door and it’s frame. Our door levels not only speed up the door installation process, but they help to set a standard for every installation to be the same, no matter the situation.

We make RECYCLABLE single use door levels designed for manufacturers to apply directly to their door during production and we make a reusable tool intended for contractor or DIY use called the CHEATAH.

Our tools are designed to make sure your next job goes smoothly.

All products are made in the USA and carry our 100/100/100 guarantee. That means 100% satisfaction or 100% replacement for 100 days, guaranteed.

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