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The CHEATAH tool helps you install any door quickly and easily - install a door the right way 3x faster!

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Watch us on the DIY Network's "I Want That"

We were thrilled when the DIY Network included us in their "must have" list of products from the International Building Show. Take a look for yourself and see how we are changing the way people look at door installation, then go get yours today! "Door Installs Done Right!"™

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Some of the top media outlets in the country are talking about us.


One of the largest publications available to the pro construction trade.

"...reduces installation-related callbacks and warranty claims.“

ProSales Magazine

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A top magazine produced by Hanley Wood, targeted directly to builders.

"An ingenious door-installation tool that will speed and ease the way things are done.“

Builder Magazine


1. Level

Our incredibly accurate tool will show the level and plumb of the door during the entire installation. No more fighting with your 6’ level!

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2. Shim

All of the parts are designed to easily create the correct manufacturers required reveals during install. These “Shim Guides” will allow you to snuggly shim the jamb, without going too far.

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3. Fasten

Our patented Orange fold-down spacer allows our tool to fit on BOTH 1-3/8" thick (35mm) and 1-3/4" thick (45mm) doors.

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3X Faster

Our door level has been proven to be 3X FASTER than using a traditional 6’ level. Our tool is designed to show the installer level and plumb during the entire installation, allowing for a quick, hands-free installation.

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Eliminate Callbacks

As a builder, your reputation is everything and let’s be honest, doors usually don’t help improve your reputation. In fact, they are probably one of your largest reasons for “call-backs”. Change this sad statistic and try our tool today!

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Do it Right

With the integrated levels and spacers, our tool guarantees your door will be installed properly the first time. During installation you can watch the level and plumb of the door, ensuring you install it correctly.

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Our tool works on more than just a new installation, you can also use it on a problem door to easily troubleshoot the issues. By clicking our tool onto the troubled door, you will be able to see if it is out of level or plumb and also adjust any spacing as needed.

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